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All-City Band concert should be moved, not cancelled

Congratulations to the DL boys basketball team for their trip to state -- job well done and good luck. That being said, my daughters came home from school Friday and told me with great disappointment that the All-City Band Concert, scheduled for this Thursday, March 22, is cancelled due to the pending state tournament.   

It is my understanding that the school bands have been preparing for this concert every day for well over a month, and personally I find it inexcusable that after the students have put this much work into preparing for the concert, their music is returned already and this concert is just cancelled as if it never had been planned.

Why not move the concert to another date? My daughters were very much looking forward to this evening. What are these young minds taking away from this situation? I know in my house, it isn't anything positive. -- Jody Hibma, Detroit Lakes