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All who work for a better city should be honored

For many years as I have lived in Lake Park, the overwhelming majority of the people, both urban and rural, have worked to make this community a better place to live. These people do not do it for glory, recognition or personal gain. They do it for their community, volunteering their time, energy and often time their money to make things happen in and around Lake Park.

It is sad (Lake Park Mayor) Mr. Aaron Wittnebel could not recognize everyone for their efforts. It seems to me that signaling out one group of people for their contributions is biased and insulting to everyone else. I think it would be better to recognize everybody with a simple thank you. While I believe Mr. Wittnebel may think even bad publicity is good publicity, I also think that by being silent, he may feel that people condone his misguided political ambitions.  — John Warling, Lake Park