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Alternatives to ELCA

ELCA elites have apparently determined that social and lifestyle policies that contradict scripture are not congregational voting issues. It is in print that ELCA spent $1.15 million on the sexuality studies but did not allow congregations to determine if such a study was necessary or valid. Nor did ELCA hierarchy allow congregations to vote on the issue of accepting Biblical sinful lifestyles.

Congregational donations are intended for God's work. Our funding is meant for spreading God's word. Not to study ways to subvert scripture to accommodate sinful lifestyles. We can only guess what future non-conforming issues are on the ELCA elitist agenda.

Alternatives to ELCA have emerged. They truly promote healthy marriage, family culture, religious and personal responsibility. Lutheran CORE (Coalition for renewal) has taken action to create a new resource Lutheran body that is not committed to "lifestyle over scripture." Another Lutheran spiritual leader is Lutheran Congregations in Mission for Christ which accepts continued ELCA membership while faithful to God's Word. God Bless.