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America is contradictory when it comes to abortion

January 2012 marks 39 years since Roe v. Wade. Some counts are now up to 55 million dead.

Recently the National Transportation Safety Board called for a nationwide ban on the use of cell phones while driving. It is such proposals that reveal the amazing moral contradiction that this nation is seeming to accept. Surely we are not thinking things through! If a primary mission of a free and open and representative system of government is protecting and preserving human life, why do we accept the intentional destruction of human life by the millions by abortion? "Tough question!"

Consider all the efforts we do as a nation to protect and preserve human life like calling 911, child restraint devices in vehicles, pregnancy care centers, defibrillators posted all over in public gathering places, CPR classes, food and drinking water safety standards, food supplement programs, air pollution standards, an endless array of OSHA mandates, speed limits on the public roads, using seat belts and safety helmets, medical research, first responder teams, fire-fighting teams, child protection agencies, safe houses for battered women and children, mandated vehicle insurance, hospital emergency rooms, mandated immunizations, poison labels, severe weather warning systems, no-smoking laws, blood alcohol testing devices with DUI charges for numbers over 0.08, preventative medicine regimens, cholesterol testing, blood pressure checks, school bus safety laws, school patrols, school lockdowns, building construction codes, airport security checks.

In the midst of all this honorable and caring concern for the protection and preservation of human life, this nation has accepted legalized abortion, which is the radical opposite of all these concerns for protecting and preserving human life. Abortion has got to be some kind of treacherous incongruity for a nation to accept. It is something like filling ten glasses with drinking water and taking two or three of them at random and lacing the water with an invisible lethal poison. Then telling people that it's all your free choice which glass you may choose to drink, they are really all the same, it doesn't make any difference which glass you choose for taking a drink it's all the same. Will this scenario work?  

Pro-abortion believers must believe that this will work just fine -- nothing bad will happen! But even a first grader who has some understanding of what poison is will tell you that this drinking water scenario certainly will not work if we desire to stay alive and have good health.

"Incongruous" or a "treacherous incongruity" -- it means an inherent contradiction is in place, something is dangerously discordant, something is out-of-place in the moral order, things just don't make sense.  So it is with abortion rights in our land.  Why are we accepting this agenda of intentional mega-killing while our nation seemingly has a moral commitment to and a worthy heritage of working so hard to protect and preserve human life?

We may ask the "tough questions," as has been happening now for 39 years and will surely continue for years unending if the "treacherous incongruity" of abortion is not resolved. The would-be hope for the abortion rights agenda to achieve a sense of "settled-down-no-longer-controversial" acceptance in our land. This is never going to happen.  The moral conscience of our nation simply will not allow it.  "If something is wrong, it is wrong!" -- Donald Tobkin, Detroit Lakes