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Another Walmart customer grateful for found purse

The letters column of the March 11 issue of the Becker County Record carried a story thanking Walmart for helping a woman find a stolen purse. The first paragraph of the story was my story also. About three weeks ago, I wheeled our groceries out to the car and promptly returned the grocery cart to the cart corral without noticing that my purse was still in the cart. Don't ask me how I could miss something as much a part of my body as my right arm.

My husband and I were two miles from Walmart when I reached for my purse on the floor of the car and didn't find it there. Hyperventilating was my immediate response. We may have broken the speed limit in the dash back to the Walmart parking lot, where we located our parking spot and found that the carts in the overflowing cart corral had been collected and returned inside the store. I leapt from the car and did a marathon race to customer service with my heart pounding. From this point on, the story differs from the story told by the Perham woman. When I asked at customer service if a purse had been found which was left in a shopping cart in the parking lot just moments earlier, I was told a woman had just dropped my purse off at the customer service desk. My relief was expressed in tears and prayers of thanks to the woman who had been my angel.

It isn't every day you have your faith in humanity restored. I'm sorry to learn that another woman who had made the same mistake didn't have her purse discovered by someone honest, and had to endure 40 minutes of sheer terror. I use the word terror because this is what strikes when you lose your money, credit cards, and personal identification. I am also grateful that Walmart is attempting to keep us safe with surveillance cameras. As sad as that is, it apparently is necessary in today's world.

-- Jeannine Eiesland, Detroit Lakes