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Are Obama meetings real change or shadow government?

On Dec. 13 and 14, 2008, the Obama presidential campaign staff headed by David Plouffe, campaign manager, has organized house meetings across the country to set in motion a program to promote change in the U.S.

The house hosts are supposed to invite about 50 people to the event; discuss issues; lay plans to reach out to the community, including government officials and the media; and start bringing change right away. All invitees have to fill out sign-in sheets, which will be submitted to Obama headquarters in Chicago, Ill.

Why do we need thousands of people across the country working from house cells on a continuous campaign to implement something called change? Who are these people? What is their charter? Who controls them? Will they operate within our democratic system?

Why do we elect officials all over our country to run our government if we are going to have a shadow government in operation?

Is this effort the start of a possible "fifth column" movement in the U.S.? -- Donald A. Moskowitz, Londonderry, NH