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UPDATE: Detroit Lakes woman identified in fatal train accident

Area students on M State president’s list

Eight hundred and seven students were named to the President’s List for the 2013 Fall Semester at Minnesota State Community and Technical College. Area students who made the list include the following.

Audubon: Hoffman, Theresa; Englund, Gregory; Kolenda, Jeri; Mitchell, Amanda; Scott, Orli; Tollefson, Breanne; Wavra, Debbie.

Callaway: Brahmer, Jessica; St. Germain, Ashley.

Detroit Lakes: Anderson, Hunter; Appelget, Paul; Arntson, Jade; Askelson,  Miranda; Austin, Dana; Bibich, Erica; Burhans, Chad; Carrillo, Chase; Cox, Kristen; Groft, Mikki; Gross, Carmen; Grossman, Abigale; Heinonen, Perry; Holzgrove, Ashley; Honek, Allen; Jager, Pamela; Jimenez, Amanda; Kaul, Riana; Kinney, Kathryn; Knutson, Amanda; Krause, Abigail; LaPlante, Michelle; Larson, Tadd; Leegard, Ashley; Long, Taylor; Lund, Elizabeth; Mat; Mickelson, Joshua; Murray, Nick; Perez, Micah; Peters, Brianne; Peterson, Elizabeth; Peterson, Tyler; Somerville, Sapphire; St Claire, Megan; Stalboerger, Troy; Stearns, Stacy; Walton, Dylan; Wendt, Evan; Wesbrook, Kerlis; White, Kiera; Wilson, Anna; Zehnacker, Geoffrey.

Frazee: Behrmann, Aaron; Christensen, Charles; Cole, Kristina; Galbrecht, Jacob; Gibson, Brianna; Gildersleeve, John; Gossell, Kaitlyn; Holmer, Brody; Howard, Alison; Kuhl, Tyler; Nelson, Kaylah; Perez, Jacob; Poore, Benjamin; Riva, Michael; Rousu, Megan; Schwarzrock, Karen; Schwarzrock, Ryan; Zion, Joshua.

Lake Park: Dyrud, Julie; Nelson, Jeremy; Rieger, Chloe.

Osage: Carrier, Corinne; Janz, Michelle; Mattson, Roth; Yliniemi, Benjamin.

Ponsford: Anderson, Isaac; Ayers, Christopher; Holmer, Jennifer.

Rochert: Hedlund, Michael; Korf, Michael; Thronson, Kody.

To earn this award for scholastic achievement, a student must complete 12 or more college-level credits for the semester with a grade point average of 3.5 or higher. The highest attainable average is a 4.0.