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Balance needed in use of chemicals in environment

The Earth takes care of us and we need to take care of the earth. I feel that there is something happening right before our eyes. In the last two years I have not seen a tree frog or a regular frog in our yard (every year for the last eight years previous to this we had seen them).

There are virtually no honey bees and only some bumble bees. We have a lot of milk weed and virtually no monarch butterflies. No bats (they eat abundantly of mosquitoes) which flew around near the woods in the twilight.

I am wondering if all of the chemicals used in our environment are destroying their habitat. Maybe making our lives less work by destroying all of the undesirable plant life, we are also destroying the very thing that keeps nature’s other creatures alive.

How would you like to look for food in the desert? Maybe this is happening in the very environment we live in because we destroy a lot of nature just to make our lives pristine.

I hope we discover a balance in the use of chemicals before we will not have the ability to turn things around. — Carol Strache, Frazee