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Be a 'Backer backer' at the polls in November

Jeff Backer and Keith Langseth are squaring off in the race for State Senate in northwest Minnesota in what promises to be a very competitive race.

Langseth has been in office for 30 years, and while he undoubtedly thinks he'll be re-elected, the voters in Clay, Becker, Traverse and Wilkin counties get to make the final decision.

Jeff Backer is making a strong effort to communicate with voters in Senate District 9 through his website which contains extensive policy positions and background; by participating in community meetings; through his attendance at festivals, fairs and parades and by meeting folks in an aggressive door-to-door campaign.

When was the last time Keith Langseth knocked on your door?

Additionally, Langseth has no campaign website to communicate with his constituents, rarely shows up at community events and, speaking from firsthand experience, ignores constituents if he is contacted about pending legislation when the Senate is in session.

Jeff Backer is the breath of fresh air we need at the Capitol. His high energy, informative and well run campaign prove to me he's exactly the change we need to move our state forward.

Take a look, examine the candidates and become a "Backer backer" in the race for state senate. -- Ed Dorsett, Glyndon