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Bellcourt blasts Tribal Council on various issues

I can't help wondering what is more "appalling" to Erma Vizenor -- the printing of my letter in the newspaper or the fact that she is finally being exposed for what she really is?

In her May 16 response letter, she talks about all the negative news printed about White Earth and I agree, there is a lot of negative news, but it is nothing compared to the negative news that will soon be breaking in regards to Erma and Associates.

She states that what I wrote was outrageous and of no merit.

She also stated that elections are fair and open. I don't agree.

All you hear out of her mouth is she's done this or that and it's her initiative that got this and that done.

Erma wants everyone to focus on all the good things she's doing, like building all those elaborate buildings to impress people. Fortunately, most Indian people are not that easy to impress.

She talks about the hard economic times, yet it didn't stop them from increasing their outrageous salaries to $180,000-plus a year.

They should be ashamed, but instead they say they are worth it. If anything is outrageous, it's that. Especially when the average person working here is lucky to make $12,000 a year.

As far as the $700,000 renovation to the old depot in Detroit Lakes goes (we've heard it's closer to $1 million) if she would have done her homework, she would have found that we can never own the depot.

She can't have the restaurant that she claimed would be there, because of the bird droppings, and it's a historical building, so it cannot be altered.

If they do sell food, it has to be cooked elsewhere and brought in. We will never be able to recover that much money out of that investment.

This reminds me of another failed business venture that the RBC (Reservation Business Committee, often referred to as the Tribal Council) was involved in -- the Brewery in Fargo that wasted over $1 million of the people's money.

If it's like she says about the alcohol and drugs, why would we want to buy a brewery? I think that's about enough of that kind of investment. What it amounts to is waste, and they need to go.

It is too bad the rules of order for her so-called meetings forbid the asking for accountability.

As far as the petition for her removal goes, it has been updated to include all five members of the RBC.

When they refused to deal with her charges they didn't realize the power of the real sovereign -- the people.

And for the record, the RBC is not a representative government. They are nothing more than a business committee and they will never be more than that, until such times as the people authorize it by a real constitutional change.

They should not have anything to say about our treaty rights. Those are for the people to maintain, and we intend to do so. -- Ray Bellcourt, White Earth