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Bergeson's turkey facts were completely wrong

I am writing in response to the editorial by Eric Bergeson on Dec. 6. In his article entitled Turkey Woes, he had several facts wrong and I would like to enlighten him. I am going to comment on his statements as I found them ridiculous.

In his article he states that if turkey was any good we would eat it all year round. I have news for Eric. Most people eat turkey all year round. The average per capita consumption is 13.8 lbs. a year. The amount consumed at the holidays is a whopping 90 million pounds. Turkey is the perfect protein with less fat and more protein than chicken. If Eric needs some tips on preparing turkey there are plenty of good resources.

In his article he had an exaggerated recipe from Martha Stewart. Any good cook can prepare a palatable turkey and most can prepare a fantastic turkey with no wine, butter, or cheesecloth involved. All you need do is not over cook it.

The statements he made regarding the big breasted turkeys is also false. They are not injected with hormones or drugs. Turkeys are not force fed, which anyone should know. The large breasted turkey is a result of genetic improvements for the benefit of the consumer.

I would like to think a professional columnist would get their facts right and not make false statements. The turkey industry is important to our state. Minnesota is number one in the nation for producing turkeys.