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BTD layoffs were sudden

This letter is in regard to the article by BTD plant president Paul Gintner regarding the layoff of 28 workers. He stated that the layoff wasn't sudden and that we knew all about it. I was one of the 28. Here is what really happened. I came to work on Feb. 16 like always. I was told when I came in to go upstairs to the meeting room. There was other people there too, no one knowing why we were there. Management then told us we were being let go with one weeks pay as severance pay. We signed papers and then were told they wanted us all out of the plant right away. If you had tools and such, you would have to make arrangements to get them out later. They didn't want anyone seeing you take them out. We didn't know that we were being let go ahead of time. We found out that day. We were let go suddenly, without warning we were out of a job. No one in that room knew about it ahead of time. I don't understand why the need to lie about it. I'm one of the 28, still in shock. -- Brent Reinen, Lake Park