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Buckthorn infestation needs to be taken care of

Buckthorn is an invasive shrub that is becoming more prevalent in the Detroit Lakes area. The DNR would like to see it controlled, preferably eradicated. Surprisingly, there are a number of homeowners along North Shore Drive, East Shore Drive, and in the Timber Creek area that have buckthorn in their yards/hedges.

If you don't know what buckthorn looks like, watch as the leaves change colors and drop off. Buckthorn retains its leaves and remains dark green. If it is a mature shrub, it will have deep purple berries that robins love to eat and spread the seeds to new locations.

Better yet, Google buckthorn. The DNR site should be one of the first sites that comes up, with excellent pictures and methods of control. Detroit Lakes' people are well known for their environmental concerns. Buckthorn is one more item that could/should be easily taken care of.