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Burlington Township. doesn't need a 'super highway'

The ability to understand the different levels of service is difficult. One has to understand that township roads do not need to look like super highways. Township roads need to be simple, safe, and affordable! We cannot afford to run with these "pie in the sky" ideas from out of town engineering firms.

We are living in tough times. Any family knows you can't spend more than you've got. And just because Burlington Township will receive the $465,000 voted on at last years annual meeting, does not mean we need to spend it.

This is not the time to tax, tax, tax and spend, spend, spend. This is the time to budget and squeeze each dime to get full value. Common sense suggests taxpayers would be better off keeping Eagle Lake Road in good repair for the traffic it carries.

We don't need to build a super highway. We need to help our families and taxpayers get through this very frightening time with a level head. We don't need to drive taxpayers into bankruptcy by taxing them into poverty.

Don't worry, plenty of others will raise taxes this year.

Burlington Township has set a record for hiking taxes. It's time to get real.

A phone call to the Burlington Township cell phone monitored by Kathleen Froelich to find out what is being proposed for a 2010 budget has went unanswered. The meeting was held Friday the 13th at 6 p.m. I was unable to attend. One of the other supervisors did not want to be quoted on the numbers. Is it that, or was the final decision not made? Has the final decision been left for Kathleen to make? Why all these secrets? Why don't they tell us what their plans and ideas are? What kinds of "pie in the sky" ideas are going to be presented at the annual meeting this year?