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Cabin break-in leaves owners frustrated

I’m not sure where to start.

I know my wife and I are not the first ones to have our cabin burglarized, and certainly we won’t be the last.

You took the gas cookstove, something that cost a few bucks to acquire. I don’t like it because it was our few bucks that acquired this one, not yours.

The same goes for the four hundred some-odd board feet of lumber remaining from putting up the inside walls. Our bucks, not yours.

The ladder? I’m guessing you needed that to put up the stolen lumber. The reason I think you’re putting it up on your own cabin walls (instead of selling it) is because of the other stuff you took.

You left with: the fly swatter. This might be because it was hanging on the old, leaning wooden hat rack that you apparently needed, and figured they must be a set. The already opened packet of fly paper strips, obviously it had to go with the swatter. The upright cabinet, probably easier than unpacking all the kitchen stuff we had inside. Other assorted stuff, from plastic chairs to empty five gallon water buckets to the personal journal we kept. (You were really interested in entries like “We got here late last night” and “Friday we had beans for supper”?)

But what is most disgusting of all is that you stole our American Flag, and the framed portrait of John Wayne. Really? You stole two items that represent America to millions of people, and are somewhere perhaps proudly displaying them for your friends and family? How do you think members of our military would feel about what you’ve done? You do remember them, don’t you? The individuals to whom words like duty, honor, courage and sacrifice actually represent something. Too bad John isn’t still around, maybe he could find a way to explain it to you.  — Dan Gable, Cambridge (Gable owns a cabin in Becker County.)