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Children, love your fathers'

Fathers are the strength of the family. It matters not how much money they bring in or the material possessions they amass. What matters is the love and the standards of life they teach their children.

My own father died when I was 17. I missed his presence at my graduation. I missed having him walk me down the aisle on my wedding day. I missed him being there to see our children (his grandchildren).

Though not present physically, he was with me because I knew what he stood for and have wonderful memories of him as I grew up. I knew he loved me, not only from words but in how he treated me. Looking back, we were not wealthy by any means. He was a railroad man for 45 years and was forced to retire at age 60 because of an eye disability. He did not protest or whine, but instead went to night school for real estate sales. He was a real estate salesman until the day he died (complications from colon cancer surgery). He was a "people person" and enjoyed real estate immensely. He often took my sister and me with him when he was looking at property, because he loved having us with him.

The most important legacy he left me is his love of people and his Lord. He taught us that we are no better than others, and no less than others. He often helped those in need personally. On the other hand, if he were here today in a room with President Obama, he would not hesitate to talk to him.

He taught me to stand up for what I believe, encouraging me in my education and also in memorizing Bible verses.

Children, love your fathers. Fathers, love your children. -- Corrine Frank, Detroit Lakes