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Clay County named Pheasants Forever chapter of year

Since its inception, the Clay County Pheasants Forever chapter and partners helped purchase land parcels accounting for over 1,400 acres which are now protected and open to public hunting and outdoor recreation in Clay County. Members have also enhanced an additional 5,600 acres and spent over $1.5 million since the chapter’s start. The chapter has been represented at all regional and state meetings, supported all PF state and federal efforts, increased membership, and helped bring a farm bill wildlife biologist to their county.

“The Clay County Pheasants Forever chapter does it all,” stated Eran Sandquist, Pheasants Forever regional wildlife biologist for Northern Minnesota. “They throw a great fundraising banquet and leverage those locally raised dollars to bring more resources for the organization’s local habitat mission. They also reach beyond county lines to help other Pheasants Forever chapters accomplish projects. Simply put, the Clay County Pheasants Forever chapter provides leadership to the entire state on what a local chapter can do.”

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