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Collin Peterson fails to help Native Americans

I have voted for Collin Peterson in every election since 1991. Now that Collin is a big powerful chairman, it is evident he does not need the little people's vote anymore. Collin has a multimillion dollar Indian gambling entity to shovel taxpayer funds to rather than speak a word on behalf of a small group of unaffiliated, penniless Native Americans.

A truly historic, ethnic tragedy is unfolding at the Lake of the Woods in Minnesota. Forty pages of documentation was handed to Peterson's office manager in Detroit Lakes in June this year. He received letters in 2008 asking for help in this looming national scandal. He did nothing.

In a nutshell, the Department of Interior's crooked bureaucrats and their probate contractor have defrauded the last six acres of land from these precious people. This was done through a fraudulent probate process controlled by the federal government, which is Collin Peterson. Who is safe to leave land to their children when their last wishes can be erased by a bureaucratic whim? When their last will and testament can be "lost" by the custodian of the document? These gentle, precious people whose ancestors at one time were the stewards of the land from the Northwest Angle to the Rainy River are losing six acres of land that is sacred to them.

Anyone interested in Collin Peterson's shameful failure to act can read the documentation online. Just search for Kakaygeesick vs. Kempthorne. A truly historic tragedy. Read document one and 30 at U.S. District Court PACER. Please read the documentation and tell Peterson and Franken the agreements our government has made should be honored, not swept under the rug when the wealthy want what is not theirs. -- Gerald Fish, Moorhead