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Computer businesses install themselves in town

The dual computer businesses of Lakes Computer Repair & Consulting and eFire Technologies just opened up in their new location on 516 Main Street East in Detroit Lakes. DL NEWSPAPERS/Paula Quam

Computer problems have been the cause of many a gray hair and more than one office meltdown.

Now, there’s another business in Detroit Lakes that can help put out those fires — it’s called eFire Technologies.

The man behind the hose is named Royce Germain, who remembers delving into the inner-workings of computers at 11 years old when his family got their first computer.

“And then in high school my computer teacher would sometimes call me up and ask me how to do things,” said Germain, who moved to Detroit Lakes after high school in order to pursue a degree in web development at the tech school.

During that time, technology has continued its boom, and with it, the demand for technicians and programmers to deal with the ever-changing industry.

“I’m a geek, so I love technology — I read about it, I watch it, I try to own it, but it’s expensive,” he laughed.

Over the years, Germain has used that self-proclaimed “geekiness” to learn what he can in many areas within the technology field, working for Forum Communications doing web and IT work, at Blue Cross Blue Shield as a computer programmer, and at J&M in Fargo programming kiosks at regional casinos and for the city of Detroit Lakes installing internet and working in the IT department.

But a double-lung transplant in 2012 kept the computer guru at home for a while, where he continued to do some computer repair and programming work.

During that time, an old acquaintance and fellow computer expert, Brian Fulmer, who owns and operates Lakes Computer Repair & Consulting, had kept in touch with Germain.

“He’d call me up sometimes and ask if I could help with some iPads or iPod repairs because he dealt mainly with businesses and I did a lot of residential things,” said Germain, who says when a location along Roosevelt Avenue in Detroit Lakes opened up, the computer guys decided to essentially “join forces” and house their businesses in the same location.

Germain’s eFire Technologies and Fulmer’s Lakes Computer Repair & Consulting both opened up in their new spot at 516 Main Street East, which is the former location for chiropractor Dr. Jennifer Pedersen.

The building was set up so that the computer businesses could essentially just slide right in and open up their doors with almost no work or changes to the space.

 The doors opened up for business there at the beginning of this month, and together, the computer gurus and their businesses have been investigating hard drive failures, programming computer systems and even getting themselves ready for the digital world of restaurant menus and advertisements.

“And then we’ll be selling some laptops and desktops within the next couple of months, too,” said Germain, who says Fulmer’s connections with a high end computer company is likely where they will start, with Fulmer’s business taking the initial lead on the equipment sales.

“They’re primarily business computers that are quite a bit more expensive, but they come with seven-year warranties and are very high quality,” said Germain, who says he’s hoping to also get in some more “residential” computer equipment for him to sell as well.

“That way we can meet all your computer needs here, both being able to buy them and have them fixed here too,” said Germain.

eFire Technologies is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Germain can be reached at 218-234-2876 or at

Lake Computer Repair & Consulting is also open 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.  and can be reached by calling 218-844-5794 or by email at

Paula Quam

Paula Quam is the editor for Forum Communications Co. newspapers in Detroit Lakes, Perham and Wadena, all in Minnesota.

(218) 844-1466