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Corporate, political greed destroying America

Just before the election of '08 a large banner was posted east of Detroit Lakes off U.S. Hwy. 10. It read "Who is John Galt?"

John Galt, the "head of capitalism," was the lead character of Ayn Rand's novel, Atlas Shrugged.

Allen Greenspan, our former Fed. chairman, was a protege and believer in Ms. Rand's philosophy of unfettered capitalism. Greenspan conducted himself with subtle determination, to de-regulate and pay lip-service to oversight to our financial system, resulting in America's financial collapse.

Thirty years of a philosophy that was "intellectually incoherent" (Allen Greenspan) and morally bankrupt. His tenure has been called a "disaster."

Ms. Rand was a Hollywood screen writer and her importance was recognized by president Jerry Ford in the oval office in 1975. The seeds for our current economy were sown.

Ultimately, the collapse of our economy and world economy was inevitable. The Republican economic conservative, trickle-down, voodoo movement is based on fiction. The "Book of Mammon."

The savings and loan fiasco of 1985 (the Bush family, John McCain and the Keating "5," Silverado) -- Ken Lay, Jeff Skilling, Phil Gramms and his wife -- Enron and Arthur Anderson, Enron cost California an estimated $30 billion. How's that "free market" thing workin' for ya?

Goldman Sacs has been up to their lower lip in this crap for years. Rubin and Lary Sommers, Phil Gramms destroying glass -- Steagal opening the barn door for Countrywide, and other Wall Street charlatans. It was a bi-partisan, conservative effort.

Health South, Tyco, Tom Petters, Denny Hecker, Bank of America, Ledman Bros., CitiGroup and others have looted our treasury for a low est. of 20 trillion dollars.

All the while, many of you were distracted by the "grifters" echo chamber of fear mongering, paltry non-existent tax cuts and the preaching of hate and ignorance by Robertson, Falwell, John Hagee, and a Mr. Perkins of the family research council's (F.R.C. is now listed as a hate group).

Family values? You betcha. These charlatans have made millions with their special brand of capitalism.

Jeff Skillings' favorite book was called The Selfish Gene. I'm sure he will have a new one when he gets out of federal prison.

One of Ayn Rand's other books was called The Virtue of Selfishness.

The only conclusion to be drawn from the 30-35 years of conservatism (Democrat and Repupblican) is that it is based on an economic theology and mythology where selfishness, greed and arrogance dominate, and to hell with the consequences.

This is your real legacy. -- Leland Jenson, Detroit Lakes