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County should reconsider selling tax forfeited land

Becker County is set to sell over 600 acres of public land on Oct. 23. Most everyone would agree that selling small parcels (less than 5 acres) of tax-forfeited land is probably a good idea.

However, many of the parcels are over 40 acres, and some are as large as 160 acres. That is not a good idea.

Selling public land as a short term budget fix is short-sighted. One of the main reasons that Becker County is a great place to live is because of all the public land that we have. That land is open to hunting and many other outdoor activities. Even though many of the parcels currently have no public access, we will lose the chance of ever using them.

There are now excellent options for gaining access to land-locked public land. For example, purchasing access easements is one of the high priority items of the Lessard-Sam's Outdoor Heritage Council that recommends using funds from the new sales tax.

The County Board still has time to reconsider this sale. Contact your county commissioners and let them know that we do not want to lose this public land. -- Pete Jacobson, Detroit ­Lakes