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Dental care cost on the rise

Health or Medical Care Concerns? How about Dental Care?

We've heard for years about the concerns we all have for health care and its cost. But let's consider another issue that is rarely discussed and gets almost no attention in the media.

What is going on with the absolutely ridiculous costs of dental care? I am fortunate that my family and I do have some coverage for dental insurance, but the vast majority of Americans cannot afford any dental insurance whatsoever.

In the spring of 2008, I needed to have a root canal performed. The cost was $935 for the procedure that took about 1.5 hours. My insurance paid for about 60 percent of this procedure. Okay, so that amount of money out of my pocket isn't too bad until you start thinking about the hour and a half. I know that this specialist is highly trained, but it seems a bit outrageous to me.

Recently, a family member was told that if a tooth was to be replaced it would cost about $3,600 for the implant. My insurance does not cover this procedure. If we elected to go with another procedure where my insurance would have covered a portion (different types of bridges) it would have cost us approximately $2,100-$2,500. This is for one tooth. Heck, I can buy a side by side refrigerator with an icemaker and water dispenser and a separate freezer just for comparison. How many people can afford this? Reasonable or outrageous? -- David Rasmussen, Detroit Lakes