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A desire for government that works

It so happens, this person had an exotic fish in an aquarium. This particular fish was very active; it moved with great speed. The aquarium was large enough to accommodate its normal activity fairly well. One day the owner walked into the living room and to his dismay found the cat with this fish in its mouth. Immediate action was taken to extricate this exotic fish from the cat. The fish was still alive, somewhat damaged, but was immediately replaced into the aquarium.

Now the question was, how did the fish escape the aquarium? It had never happened before and the cat had never been a problem before. In fact the cat hated water, which is normal for a cat. Well the fish did not seem to be its normal self, however it did move about for a couple of days and then died. The fish floated to the top and the owner assisted the cat in reaching the fish. However, the cat did not want anything to do with the fish and did not want anything to do with the water. Even when the fish was handed to the cat away from the water, the cat still did not want any part of the fish.

The conclusion was that in the fish's hyperactivity it had swum upward so hard that the momentum had brought the fish out of the tank and onto the floor and the cat had merely picked it up. They would put a cover on the tank, so their new fish could not jump out.

It reminds me of how man cannot survive outside of his environment, even as the fish could not. Adam lost his original environment; we might say he jumped out of his fish tank. Because of his action it cost him his life (us too), even as the fish lived for short time and then died. It's not hard to see that this world is in need of a better environment. Government is part of everyone's environment; we elect a new president in hopes of a new government. Why? Because deep down in man's heart, there is a desire for a government (environment) that works. The original environment which Adam was placed into worked perfectly. It is the creator's intent for man to return to this original environment where things work; not some day, but right now.

A man of old foretold of an event that has happened, which has been overlooked. He told of a new government and how this government would not fail, rather it would increase. This man recorded this in his book: Isaiah, 9:6-7. It happened, Matthew 4:17, Jesus came to restore the original environment back to man. --Ray Ballek, Bagley