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Detroit Lakes should find a way to keep warming house, beach staffed

I don't always agree with the local papers' views. However, the recent "Jeers to City..." regarding staffing of the ice rink hits home with me, along with other indications that our city may not be putting a high enough priority on our youth, or for that matter, on what makes our city special. Not staffing lifeguards on the city beach, pricing the figure skaters out of business, not staffing the skating rink -- it seems to me that we are both not supporting our young people very well and not taking advantage of the local pluses we have (i.e., lakes and beaches, parks, indoor and outdoor ice, etc) to sell our city. The Tribune made some suggestions as to where money could be found. I don't know if these are all valid, but I would like to challenge our city leaders to find a way to get our priorities right and keep Detroit Lakes family-friendly and attractive to all who visit us.