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Detroit Mountain area can attract new employees

SJE Rhombus is a growing and thriving business and in order to handle this growth, the company needs talented and skilled professionals. From engineers to accountants to sales professionals, our growth is dependent on attracting these individuals to our company and our community.

The proposed Detroit Mountain Recreation Area can be an economic development tool in attracting new employees and retaining current employees. Just as the Detroit Lakes Community and Cultural Center has been a great asset for our city and company, having available the recreational area that is planned for Detroit Mountain would be a tremendous asset to companies in our area to attract employees, with young professionals high on this list.

Cities are like businesses in the fact they must continue to differentiate themselves from other communities by adding and enhancing the amenities they provide.

The more diversity we can have in recreation the better; it becomes one more tool to attract businesses, employees and their families to our community. This, in turn, creates more demand for goods, services, and JOBS, in our community. SJE Rhombus, as a company, is in support of this project all the way. We will be doing our part, including providing monetary contributions, to help make the Detroit Mountain Recreation Area a reality. -- Laurie Lewandowski, CEO, SJE Rhombus