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DFL is wrong in pushing care provider unionization

I am disgusted by the DFL effort to push unionization of child care providers. The premise of their bill is the ridiculous definition that day care providers who service clients that are subsidized by the state are state employees. Think about it. I have three kids currently in day care. I would never think of calling her my employee. The truth is I am her client.

Apparently the DFL doesn’t understand this simple business concept. So what is the purpose of this bill? The day care subsidized rate is set by law and can only be changed by an act of the legislature, which is not bound by negotiations, mediation or arbitration. The best a union can do is get the commissioner to recommend to the legislature that the law be changed.

What does a union bring to the table in lobbying efforts that a voluntary association of providers couldn’t do just as well? The answer is simple — more ‘fair share’ fees in union coffers, a portion of which will undoubtedly go to DFL legislators in the form of campaign contributions.

This is what we get with one party rule. Remember these shenanigans the next time you vote and turn these offending legislators out of office. — Tom Trowbridge, Detroit Lakes