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Disc golf takes flight in Perham

Perham’s disc golf course starts near the tennis courts in Arvig Park. Parking is north of the 3rd Ave. NW and 6th St. NW intersection. FORUM NEWS SERVICE/Eric Hendrickx

Disc golf has gotten off the ground in Perham.

The city got a new disc golf course at Arvig Park in 2010 and, according to Justin Fleck, a member of the Perham Disc Golf Club, the sport really took off in popularity by 2011.

“I think it has been gaining so much interest here because it is so easy to get started and is free to play here in Perham,” said Fleck.

So what does it take to get started in the sport?

According to Fleck, it really doesn’t take much. One need only head out to the course and enjoy the game.

 “You really only need one disc to get started, and they can be bought for $9 just about anywhere discs are sold,” Fleck said. He explained that some players choose to upgrade to specialized discs, ranging from $20-$30, but don’t need more than one disc right away.

As the popularity of the sport rises, so have the number of local disc golf courses. In addition to the Perham course, members of the Perham Disc Golf Club often travel to Detroit Lakes, Wadena and Staples to play.

Although there are other courses, Fleck explained, “We all prefer to play the course here (in Perham) because it has 18 holes versus just nine at the other courses around here.”

Club members said they held their first tournament in town this summer, in conjunction with Turtle Fest, and it was well received.

Fleck said they hope to host an annual tournament in July as interest in the sport continues.

The Perham Disc Golf Club meets at the Perham course every Monday at 6:30 p.m. from May through the end of August, but they are generally out there most evenings in the summer, weather permitting.

Fleck said the club would like to see the sport’s growth continue and encouraged anyone interested to get a disc and hit the course.

Anyone interested in disc golf is encouraged to try a round. Those who take a liking to it are welcome to meet with the club Monday evenings. Visit the Perham Disc Golf Club’s Facebook page for more information.