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A discussion on big government and socialism

Let's talk about big government today. Let's make it a twofer by adding socialism shall we?

What is big government? Well, big government is you and me. Socialism is you and me.

If you are drawing social security benefits, it's you and me. If you are using medicare and veteran's health care, it's you and me. If you are receiving a farm subsidy, it's you, not me.

Okay, for those of you that hate socialism so much, let's get rid of it. You will discover that you hate the word, not the benefits.

Stop social security -- privatize it. Stop medicare -- vouchers (privatize it). Stop V.A. health care -- privatize it. Then, sit back and watch every hospital and nursing home shut down. And your family can file bankruptcy to pay for your medical costs.

Stop farm subsidies and let the "free market" and Wall Street decide. Goodbye real estate market -- hello share croppers. Give it all up, not just the parts you don't benefit from. Then watch the U.S. and world economy make "The Great Depression." Looks like a cake walk. President George W. Bush just about did it with his faith-based initiatives, laissez-faire attitude, and contempt for the middle-class.

Let's go back to health care, specifically women's health care; all of it, not just the parts of it you don't like.

Senator Roy Blunt of Missouri tried to push a law that affected women only. Making health care a bargaining chip between her employer and her. Not doctor and her health care decisions, but employer/employee. In other words, I want to keep my premiums low, so this is what you get or look for work somewhere else. And absolutely no contraception protection paid for by insurance. Duh! Mr. Blunt's ignorance would have also eliminated the preexisting conditions coverage. Some states considered being a woman a preexisting condition. Some others considered being a battered woman a preexisting condition. Why? Because it happened more than once. Go figure.

Women's health care and concerns are vastly different, regardless of status. The expense of women's health care is higher because they have a more sophisticated physiology. Women are not troubled with the brain/penis combo, which some consider an irritation and nuisance --thank you very much.

Quite a few men have insurance that covers viagra. The "guess what I've got" drug. Now, women need protection from that weapon of choice (it is not a second amendment issue), women's health care (contraception) is. It is constitutional.

Women's health care is the issue not religious freedom. It is an equal rights -- it is democracy and flat out common decency.

Now for you Rush Limbaugh fans. Just what in the hell is your problem? Do you people disrespect your wives, daughters, girlfriends, sisters, mothers and grandmothers? Do you?

Do some of you even have respect for yourselves?

Rush Limbaugh is the face of the republican party and the voice of the "invented conservative movement." He has a multitude of fans that worship the ground he walks on and kiss the largest part of his anatomy besides his head. So it's okay for a "loser" like Rush to denigrate a 24 year old law student by calling her a "slut and prostitute" for exersizing her constitutional rights, to talk about health care. Question: Is it freedom of speech for all or just the people you agree with? Ask yourself that question out loud then look in the mirror.

This explains why "loser" Rush is with his fourth wife (her signing bonus must have been huge.).

The Republican agenda is fiction and mythology -- the agenda is "no agenda," just repetition of sound bites and unicorns.

What is so sad about all of this, is how the "losers" Rush, Newtie and others have for years insulted your intelligence with sound bites of hatred and ignorance. Disrespecting you, your family members -- and you let them get away with it. You are better people than that. -- Leland Jenson, Detroit Lakes