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DL fireworks came too late for families with children

As usual, the Detroit Lakes fireworks display was spectacular. Yet, at the same time, disappointing and frustrating.

According to the DL paper, “The fireworks show starts around dusk, which this time of year is around 10 p.m.,” Other printouts and online said the same thing.

We were parked in a location with a large number of other people to enjoy the fireworks, all set up and ready to go by 10. At 10:15, people with small children started to leave. At 10:20, others started to leave. More left at 10:25. Some longtime locals later told us that DL “traditionally” doesn’t start until 10:30-10:45 p.m..

If that is the case, publish that time. But for the sake of visitors, parents with small children, and those that have to work the next day, why can’t we hold it at “dusk?” — Brad Carlson, Detroit Lakes