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DL man gets 21 months for crack cocaine sales

Ronald Lawrence Jr., 27, of 414 East Front St., Detroit Lakes has been sentenced to nearly two years in prison for third-degree controlled substance crime, sale.

On Dec. 19, 2006 he sold .7 grams of rock cocaine (supposedly two half-gram rocks) for $80 to an confidential reliable informant for the sheriff's department.

The next day he sold .6 grams of rock cocaine (supposedly a 1 gram rock) to the informant for $100.

On March 11 he sold the informant 1.2 grams of cocaine (supposedly 2 grams of crack) for $200.

On March 13 he sold the informant 1.3 grams of cocaine (supposedly 2 grams of crack) for $200, according to court records.

He pleaded guilty Jan. 28 and was sentenced Thursday by District Judge Michael Kirk to 21 months in prison, executed at the demand of the defendant. He will receive credit for time served, at least 142 days, and was fined $50 plus court fees and $580 restitution, to be taken from prison earnings.