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DL should find other ways to fund projects, not a new tax

This letter is in reference to the upcoming vote on a city proposed food and beverage tax.

First of all, these new taxes will not be used for schools, police, seniors, etc. In these economic times now does not seem to be the time for new wish list expenditures. If these new projects are so important than perhaps we should redirect current funds to accomplish them.

The Mayor says that the tourists will be paying a big share of this tax, yet as a business owner I can tell you that more business is done between September and May than June through August. So who really will be paying this tax? Locals. In addition, there seems to be no end date to this tax only the statement, "When the projects are done, the tax is done."

In closing, if these projects are so needed than why did the city choose to exempt their own beverage store yet choose to let one business type carry the load for the entire city? -- Shirley Cervenka, Shorewood Pub Inc., Detroit Lakes