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DL should help, not hinder downtown businesses

I am writing this in regards to the notification whereby the city notified the last four business owners in downtown Detroit Lakes whose basements were extended years ago under the what is now and has been city sidewalks that these four business owners now need to pay to have this area filled in at their own expense because of a major street renovation project on Washington Avenue planned for this summer.

The city has offered some money to these businesses to cover the expense to fill this area in but I feel it is a pittance when I look at this situation and the circumstances.

I do not feel that these owners should have to pay one cent to have these areas filled in.

The reason I feel this way is that I and all people down town have used these sidewalks to get to various places of business downtown over all these years. To me this area belongs to everyone that uses these sidewalks. The area under these sidewalks extends in the ground so that area in actuality belongs to the above area also. The city is so lucky to have these businesses downtown so that our downtown has not become a place of vacant buildings that become deteriorated and boarded up so all of us that use this downtown will need to go elsewhere.

I also feel that the city council should help businesses that are in a predicament such as this to help them and keep our businesses here. (Even if it costs them money.)

If anyone else feels as I do, please write a letter to the editor or contact Matt Brenk (city mayor) or the city council. If others have another opinion feel free to express your reasons also. — Carol Strache, Frazee