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DLHS Madrigal Dinner was 'magical'

My wife and I had the pleasure to see the performance of a lifetime Friday evening, Dec. 17, 2009 at the Historic Holmes Theatre in Detroit Lakes.

"A Madrigal Dinner Performance" it was called, but my wife and I saw it as "A Magical Dinner Performance." The best way we can describe it is, "Wow! Beyond the highest expectations! A flawless performance!"

The theme was "curing the huge entertainment deficit in the court," and the cast and staff totally removed that deficit, as the Court Jester provided endless laughs and enjoyment, as did everyone else who was involved in creating this wonderful evening for their guests. The music was superb and seamlessly endless. The musical songs and choir performances, were without question apotheo-size in nature.

The evening's fare was tremendous, as was the table service.

Congratulations to the Detroit Lake High School students involved, the teachers, staff and everyone involved in this forever-to-be-remembered evening.

A town often is judged by the young adults in its midst. Detroit Lakes, Minn., will be known as a wonderful community because of its young adults, especially for hundreds we saw for a few short hours at "A Magical Dinner Performance."