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DLHS Post Prom party was fun, not like writer described

A recent publication by one of the columnists bashing the Detroit Lakes High School Post Prom had left many people upset after what this individual had written.

I myself had attended both Prom and Post Prom. I enjoyed both events. The teacher skits were created to have entertainment and were not meant for anything but entertainment. The skits had involved teachers and a local police officer, Officer Shroyer, who we see in the everyday school setting, but were for pure entertainment purposes.

The band was a student band from the high school. They provided great entertainment for the night, and I had enjoyed seeing my friends and classmates perform at Post Prom opposed to some other band that I did not know. It was a great feeling and very entertaining seeing my classmates perform.

Also, it had been raining but the overall experience and memories I had made had been great. Unfortunately, there will always be some people who do not attempt to do any of the planned activities and just sit for the night in a chair. Personally, I am a very outgoing person and have a very outgoing personality so I was busy the whole night.

A lot of planning had been done to make this event a safe one, and the purpose was fulfilled. No one that attended this event had been in any accidents involving drugs or alcohol, which was one of the main purposes for the event. Advertisements for this event had clearly told of what the night was expected to be. The posters had been hung throughout the school. Unfortunately, some people may not have read the posters very clearly. -- Jesse Engen, Detroit Lakes