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DLHS should be proud of their 'Care Week' feat

Detroit Lakes High School, Wow. Great job, you're a role model.

The Detroit Lakes High School has just concluded a week of caring. This opportunity for giving to the community is as important as academics. The following are some activities which the students were given under the direction of the student council and their advisor Mrs. House:

Minute drives to collect money.

Tuesday evening DLHS talent competition $3 admission.

Thursday evening Muscleball volleyball $3 admission.

Cookies sold throughout the week -- made by FACS.

Penny wars between grades throughout the week.

Saturday evening Sadie Hawkins dance $10 admission per person.

The week of caring made $5,000 for charity. The $5,000 will be donated to the United Way and specified for the Becker County Food Shelf.

The students at DLHS spent an entire week raising money to help families in Becker County. This is a life lesson which will hopefully instill in the students a generous giving spirit throughout their lives. Thanks to Mrs. House, the student council, staff and students at DLHS for their amazing accomplishment.