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DLPSEF directory is legitimate

The Detroit Lakes Public School Education Foundation is having an Alumni Directory printed. The company we have contracted with is Harris Connect from Chesapeake, VA. There is no charge to the foundation for putting this directory together. The sale of the directories pays for the cost of the project.  This past summer, alumni have received via U.S. Mail, yellow cards with a phone number for them to call to give Harris Connect the information needed for the directory. There has been some question, whether these have been legitimate requests. The foundation wants to assure DLHS Alum that it is indeed legitimate. So please, call the number and give them your information. For those of you who haven't called, you will be getting a phone call this fall asking for the same information, please give them the info, the more complete the directory, the more useful it will be. The directory will provide a great opportunity to have contact information of many friends and acquaintances from your high school years. A great chance to reconnect with friends and a great resource for Class Reunions. Harris Connect has been doing these projects for over 25 years and for many national and regional high schools, colleges and universities. The DLPEF checked with other schools regarding the professionalism and reliability of Harris Connect before they were contracted and Harris Connect was given high accolades.  

The mission of the Foundation is to fund and promote excellence in education and enhance student achievement through partnerships involving alumni, parents, educators, students, businesses and the greater Detroit Lakes Community. We have raised $175,000 so far in cash and pledges. The foundation is an endowment and the interest on endowment will be used to grant funds to the Detroit Lakes Public Schools to enhance and support student achievement. In 2009 the DLPEF awarded 3 grants for a total of $4,150. There will be another round of grants awarded this winter.   

The DLPEF was founded in 2008 by a group of citizens concerned with the declining dollars allocated to education. The foundation is a component fund of West Central Initiative and has 501 C 3 non-profit status. The foundation is an entirely volunteer organization. For more information on the foundation or to contribute to the Foundation, you can visit our website at or contact any one of our board members; Dick Lundeen, Vern Schnathorst, Madalyn Sukke, GL Tucker, Glenn Gifford or Deb Wimmer or our PO Box 1862, Detroit Lakes, MN 56502.