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Eagle Lake Road project wrongly pushed through

I would like to take a moment to explain what has happened with the repaving of Eagle Lake Road in Burlington Township. The board was unable to meet March 27 because of unprecedented flooding, and board Chairman Kathleen Froelich volunteering to help with the evacuation of nursing home residents.

Because of this, the board was unable to give or discuss the new direction recommended by the residents at the annual meeting.

Due to the timing, Clerk Angie Ewanika and Dave Heyer, Burlington Township's Engineer, proceeded to advertise for bids to resurface Eagle Lake Road. These bids were received by the board April 23 and needed to be acted on at the May 14 meeting. I made every effort to bring it to Kathleen Froehlich and David Green's attention that we were premature in accepting a bid for several reasons.

For one, they are counting on money from the county for property taxes. No one knows what is going to be received.

Secondly, the board has not viewed the roads to see if there are other roads that are in greater need of attention. (Carefree Lane, 290th, and Tower Road to name a few).

Third, it appears that the only part of the proposed $465,000 budget voted on at the 2008 annual meeting was the $350,000 Road and Bridge fund.

In other words, I believe Kathleen Froelich and Angie Ewanika were in error with what was certified to the county for the levy.

Despite all of this, Green and Froelich pushed this project through. I hope you will continue to stay abreast of what is going on within the township despite of what has happened. You can reach me at 218-847-6839 or