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Exploratory Days: Students check out the possibilities

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The Detroit Lakes Middle School student council, staff and students would like to thank the entire community for their dedication of people, time, money and supplies to Exploratory Day 2008 on Feb. 1.


Exploratory Day is when all 700-plus students at the Middle School get to spend the day learning something new, trying something different and exploring. Preparing for the day takes a lot of dedication, work and cooperation from the staff, students and the community.

Students take part in activities like scuba-diving, snow-tubing in Bemidji, cooking with a chef from Albertville, spa treatments in Fargo, ice-fishing, making tie blankets, Madden football, skiing and snow-shoeing at Maplelag, Dance, Dance Revolution, making jerky and many, many other activities.

This day is for, and all about, students at the Middle School. The teenage years are a time for exposing students to firsthand, exciting, new and challenging learning events that may create a fresh spark of interest in them.

It takes a lot of money, time and involvement in order to make this day happen.

The following community members are some of the many ways that the community has blessed the students of the Detroit Lakes Middle School:

-- Land O?Lakes -- Donated many gallons of ice cream to make floats to raise money for the day.

-- Central Market -- Donated many 2-liters of root beer to make floats to raise money for the day.

Donated ribs for a cooking class.

Donated a cash card to purchase more food for a cooking class.

-- McDonalds -- Donated hundreds of cups to make floats to raise money for the day.

-- Maplelag Ski Resort -- Donated their facilities and provided food and supplies for activities .

-- DLCCC -- Donated facilities and the presence of a life-guard for activities.

Donated flags and footballs for flag football.

-- Northwest Divers -- Donated equipment for scuba.

-- Boys and Girls Club -- Donated their facility for archery.

-- Dexter Phillips -- Chef from Albertville that donated his time and expertise.

-- Detroit Lakes Archery Club -- Members helped during archery sessions.

-- Hoffmans Meat Market -- Donated ribs for a cooking class.

-- Quality Bait Shop -- Donated bait for ice-fishing

-- County 6 Amoco Bait Shop -- Donated bait for ice-fishing

n Park Christian School -- Geocashing

-- Fargo South High School -- Geocashing

-- Stone Cold Creamery in Fargo

--Center Stage Dance -- Provided dancers to teach a dance

-- Detroit Lakes Middle School student council -- Donated and raised almost $2,000 to help with the day.

--High school student volunteers -- Helped with time and supplies.

-- Parents, relatives and community members -- Helped with time and supplies.

These are some of the many ways that the businesses and community have helped the middle school. Hats off to all of you.

This is an activity that occurs once every year in the beginning of February. If you or your business would like to participate in any way, please contact the middle school.