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The fair is much more than just the carnival

As a member of the Becker County Fair Board, I would like to start off by thanking all of the visitors, participants, and volunteers who supported, exhibited at, and spent time at this year's Becker County Fair. The fair board believed the 2009 fair to be an overall success. Record numbers attended the demolition derby, entered in the open class building and came to enjoy all the fair offered.

Recent comments about the carnival necessitate some response. The carnival that was at the 2008 Becker County Fair was under contract to play the 2009 fair. Unfortunately, in January they informed the fair board at the Minnesota Federation of County Fairs Convention they would not be honoring their contract. Thus, at the convention the board signed Amusement Attractions to be a part of the 2009 Becker County Fair.

It is important to know that not many carnivals are available during the summer months. Most fair boards sign their carnivals one year in advance and when a contract is untimely broken, it is difficult to find a carnival with open dates to play at a fair. We feel this carnival was well qualified to be at the Becker County Fair. Nonetheless, we acknowledge that there are bigger and better rides and carnivals with more variety out there, but booking them and keeping them as a part of the fair is a grueling task.

Carnivals are a part of the fair, but not the only part of the fair. As a board, we try to provide entertainment and excitement for all ages. We hope the Becker County Fair is not solely judged by the carnival or by any one other aspect. To simply attend a fair for the carnival would be unfortunate; one would miss out on many positive experiences. We hope to see you at the 2010 Becker County Fair.