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Farmers unite and support Dairy Bill S-1645

I am LoriJayne M. Grahn, a Minnesota dairy farmer. I am not a member of any organization, but all farmers stand on common ground where we have had enough!

Enough of low milk prices, the corruption, and policies or programs where we keep paying more for less.

Enough of giving us pennies instead of the dollars we justly earned.

We need to unite and save our farms. We need a cost of production and no less. We cannot continue on year after year  with the same problems.

We need a solution and that solution is Dairy Bill S-1645. It was written by farmers for farmers.

The Bill S-1645 is a solution to fix a broken pricing system that fails us over and over again, leaving us with welfare subsidies and programs that don't work.  This Bill S-1645 is a chance and answer to save our farms now and not later.  It can be done but it will take all of us.  The Bill S-1645 needs and waits for our support, and once it gets past, it can start working for us immediately. -- LoriJayne M. Grahn, Pelican Rapids