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Felony DWI law should be tougher

Felony DWI law should be tougher

It was good to see that Danny Bettcher will be spending the next couple of years in prison after last year receiving another of more than 24 DWI convictions over the years.

Clearly, the felony DWI law passed by the Legislature several years ago was designed for people like Bettcher, likely one of the most notorious DWI offenders in the country.

The Legislature may want to make the law even tougher.

Bettcher had already been convicted of felony DWI, served two and a half years, and then was arrested and charged with DWI again. The odds seem high indeed that, when Bettcher gets out of prison in a couple of years, he will drink and drive again.

It seems the only thing that would prevent Bettcher from drinking and driving again would be to throw him in prison for good. However, unless Bettcher kills someone while driving drunk, the law won't allow it.

A lifetime in prison for DWI certainly isn't appropriate in a general sense. But for a handful of people who clearly can't, or won't help themselves, a law allowing judges longer prison sentences, even a life sentence, for multiple DWI offenders makes sense. -- Fergus Falls Daily Journal