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Arlen Stoll went fishing with her husband for some fish to provide a shore lunch, but she ended up snagging a nice muskie, and bragging rights for the day.

The fish that came to lunch

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(Editor's note: The following two stories were submitted at the request of the newspaper as part of the "Your Assignment" feature)

My husband, Lloyd, and I were working at a fishing resort in northern Ontario in 1978, and before closing the camp in September, he said, "come on, I'll take you fishing and make you a shore lunch (and he was the best ever at that!).


So that morning, we were fishing for shore lunch. I had gotten snagged umpteen time, and cast into a tree once!

So now I was snagged again and Lloyd even backed the boat up and suddenly my "snag" took off!

My "snag" was a nice muskie! It was the only one caught all summer at the camp. The funny, lovely part of this fishing story is -- it was getting close to lunchtime and we hadn't caught a single fish and I had prayed ("please Lord, help us catch something for shore lunch -- any size") and here was the muskie, which of course we couldn't eat -- our boss had it mounted for us!

It took about a half-hour to land him, and Lloyd actually reeled it in as I got too tired of reeling. Oh, we did catch some walleye for shore lunch! Yummm. I have caught a lot of fish, a muskie puts up the longest and hardest fight -- Arlen Stoll, Detroit Lakes