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Frazee board rejected a fair offer from district teachers

The Frazee Education Association (FEA) did reject the school board's last offer on Friday Jan. 15. The Frazee teachers' negotiating team presented an offer which would have cost the taxpayers less money than the board's previous offer. In addition, the current FEA offer included more teacher work time and more student contact time than the current contract.

The last offer from the board stripped benefits from the current contract and lengthened the work day, while removing compensation for experience and advanced degrees (steps and lanes).

By rejecting our offer, the Frazee School Board chose to surrender $26,000 in state aid. It is also noteworthy that board members chose to attend the Minnesota School Board Association convention in St. Paul on Wednesday and Thursday of the last week before the state deadline. Perhaps they would have served the school district by staying here and meeting with our negotiators allowing enough time to reach a settlement.