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Frazee school board have their plates full

After attending the school board meeting on Jan. 31, I came away from the meeting thinking, not only are the board members plates full, they are heaped very high. How did this come about, you may ask? Well let's examine some of the subjects that were discussed at that meeting.

The problems seem to stem from the fact that past school boards may not have been adhering to their duties to over-see the entire operation of District 23 but instead left the decision and policy making up to the superintendent and his  selected staff.

This, if true, would seem to establish the basis for some rather serious issues!

At the meeting at two different times Stender asked, "Why do we need a Superintendent?" This question has been asked of me a number of times, and after contemplating the matter for some time, I couldn't come up with a clear answer. If there is some need for a superintendent why couldn't several schools form a cooperative and share the cost of a superintendent? Since Stender brought the item up, perhaps the Board should take a good hard look at the issue of quality education while at the same time saving a rather large amount of money.

Because of space limitations, I will not be able to cover all of the serious topics that were brought out at the last meeting. I will briefly mention them now and then hope that the paper is willing to let me bring forth more information as the weeks go by.

There was a complaint by Stender that neighboring school districts would not cooperate with the Frazee district. If this is true, why will some districts cooperate with some schools but not Frazee.? An interesting question!

Both Stender and Janu stressed the fact that our legal costs were so high was because our school has so many more grievances filed against it than other districts. My question is this! Why are there so many dis-gruntled teachers, custodians, or what, in the Frazee District that grievances need to be filed? Aren't all groups represented by the unions who only become involved if they feel very strongly that some members rights have been violated? According to Stender and Janu, it is only Frazee that has this problem and not other schools! Why?

There is much more to be discussed but that will have to wait for another time. In the mean time, it would serve all of the citizens well if they would just contact the board members and let these board members know what the citizen is concerned about. It is my opinion that you will be afforded a much better chance of getting answers than you would have had just a few short months ago. -- Oscar Birkeland, Frazee