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Frazee school board needs to communicate better

It's amazing how Supt. Deron Stender can blame the local newspaper for parents not enrolling their children in this district. Isn't that like a thief blaming the cops for getting caught and getting put in jail?

Yes, Dwight (Cook, school board member), the local newspaper is friendly to the district and the community. The newspaper is supposed to print the facts, not cover up facts or be conniving. Isn't the word communicate defined as: To have an exchange, as of thoughts, ideas or information? As far as I can tell, the school board and administration has left out the "exchange" part of the definition. The school board, as Dwight stated, tells people what they are doing. He is trying to convince us it is a minority that disagree with what the board and administration is doing. Then why are there not only many people in this district that don't like what is going on, but teachers too? Did we not have 11 people running for school board last fall?

The mentor program they are trying to implement, isn't that what the QComp program was about? Didn't the government offer to pay the schools extra money per student if they enrolled in the QComp program years ago, but it was too much work for this district to implement back then?

In one of the first articles written about Supt. Deron Stender, back in an August 2005 issue of the Frazee-Vergas Forum, Supt. Deron Stender made the comment: "I would like to see programs where students can leave with a two year-college degrees." At what cost does this school district have to go through for him to achieve his goal?

We had over 1,100 students enrolled in this district when he became superintendent in the fall of 2005. Now we have just over 900. How many teachers, staff, and school board members have we lost? We had a difference of 12 students open-enrolled in and out of our district during the school year 2006-07, according to the Department of Education website. Now we are being told we have a difference closer to 150. What excuse is the administration and school board going to come up with next? Do they really believe that spending money to advertise the school district is going to help?

I think the superintendent, and most of the present school board, should come down off the high pedestal they have made for themselves and have a "two-way" communication with the people in this district. We are not dumb, and believe it or not, we know what is best for our children. We have good teachers in this district that deserve respect and should have more input to what and how things are being taught? In my opinion, if the superintendent and most of the present school board really want to do what is best for our children and this school district, they should resign and give the Frazee-Vergas School District back to the people that live here.