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Frazee-Vergas school board candidate stands behind her past statements as factual

This is in reference to the letter Beth Janu (a P.A.C.E. member) wrote. I have no problem with the comments she said I have made in the past.

I was at most of the meetings mentioned in the last letter I wrote, so I can say the newspaper covered them pretty accurately. I did accuse the Frazee-Vergas Forum of not writing "correct and unbiased" information in 2007.

Since then, I believe they have come to realize that they cannot take what Superintendent Stender says as gospel, and they need to check the facts.

I also believe that the interpretation of "paraphrasing" would be, "putting what someone says in your own words."

It does not mean saying the "opposite" of what was said.

Even though I have probably only signed for/paid for copies from the administration office once, as recorded, I have e-mailed questions to the administration/business office/school board members, P.A.C.E., etc., and have gotten the run-around, if I got a reply from them at all.

I have copies of the e-mails and letters, and the administration responses if anyone would like to see them.

I did, and still do, believe that it is not benefiting the students that are college-bound to have small classroom sizes in the Senior High.

I also believe, since part of the reason the school board gave for needing the referendum in 2007 was so that the school would be able to keep small classroom sizes, it should be honored.

They should not have been talking about making classroom sizes of 30-40 kids in the high school after the referendum was passed, at least not until the referendum runs out.

As far as the quote about "What the district can do to increase academic achievement?" I said the administration needs to listen to the teachers, and the teachers need to listen to the parents, etc.

I have a child who has ADD and a "short-term memory problem." Yes, it was a struggle every time my child had a new teacher. It took a while for the teacher(s) to understand the extent of my child's memory problem, and to realize how important it was for them to keep in contact with me.

It was the administration, school board and the P.A.C.E. organization that was threatening school consolidation and/or closure while they were trying to get the 2007 operating referendum to pass.

I still stand behind what I wrote in my last letter. Again, "paraphrasing" is not writing the "opposite" of what was said.

Again, I ask everyone in the Frazee-Vergas School District to pay attention to what is being said and being done. Go to the meetings if you don't believe the newspaper. Get to know your school board candidates. -- Mary K. Lepisto, Frazee

(Lepisto is a candidate for the Frazee-Vergas School Board)