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'Freedom of Choice Act' a totalitarian agenda

January 2010 marks 37 years after Roe v. Wade and now a count of some 50 million unborn citizens whose lives have been intentionally trashed before they were allowed to see the light of a living day. Surely such a death count may be described as a holocaust.

In this first year of the Obama presidency, we have observed two major campaigns by the abortion rights agenda to obliterate all respect for the sanctity of human life. But, supposedly America still retains some sense of a moral conscience and it continues with a representative form of government. The votes of "barefoot nobody" citizens are somehow counted in the larger arena of open public discourse. The President's early promise of enacting the "Freedom of Choice Act" ended up being rather subverted by the prevailing sentiment of many barefoot nobody citizens. Plan B for the abortion rights agenda was a strategy to do a high-speed hustle to surreptitiously embed the provisions of FOCA into federal healthcare reform.

But the nation is learning what to expect of the abortion rights agenda. Healthcare reform has now bogged down in another contentious clash of moral values. The yes or no decision for taxpayer funding of abortion services remains very unresolved.

Thirty-seven years of time seems quite adequate to dig out some truth in any given political agenda. The bull-headed desperation of the abortion rights agenda to force its way into having zero restrictions in law (plus extorting taxpayer funding!) is revealing the totalitarian mindset of this agenda. And behind all forms of totalitarian agendas is an extreme excess of selfish pride. History surely reveals the destructive power in such selfish pride, but history also reveals a record of eventual victory for moral truth over this pride. The abortion rights agenda not only trashes unborn human life, it also seeks to trash this nation's long history of openly presenting legislative proposals, of open public discourse of said proposals and of open voting to decide winners and losers.

A free nation that claims to be ruled by representative government has two choices: to default into being trashed by the destructive power of these totalitarian agendas, or to move by rule of law to shut down these immoral agendas before the chaos of total destruction has been dumped upon the nation. Which choice do you prefer for our land? It's time to contact your elected representatives and declare your vote, all the "barefoot nobodies."