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Get property tax refund early by using e-file

The Minnesota Department of Revenue is reminding taxpayers to e-file their property tax refund returns now in order to receive refunds up to thirty days early.

E-filers using direct deposit can expect refunds as early as July 15.

Renters and mobile homeowners may receive their refund by July 15 if they e-file by June 15.

When using the paper filing system, renters and mobile homeowners should expect their refund by mid-August or 60 days after filing, whichever is later.

For homeowners that e-file by August 1, they may receive their refund by September 1.

If paper filing by August 1, homeowners will receive their refund by the end of September or 60 days after filing, whichever is later.

The Property Tax Return filing deadline for renters, mobile home owners and homeowners is August 15, 2008.

For more information, visit the department's Web site at