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Great hometown service at soon to be Holiday Inn

Recently I had the opportunity to take advantage of the wonderful hospitality and service offered by the Soon to be Again Holiday Inn of Detroit Lakes. On Friday, while boating with a friend, we pulled in to the shoreline at the Holiday Inn.

When leaving, a young man called out from the dock to encourage me to lower my motor. After informing him that I was trying to lower the motor and it wasn't working, I shut the motor off and drifted back into shore. By that time, you and another of your maintenance staff were present. For the next forty five minutes, we had the assistance of three of your staff that were vigilant in trying to assist me in getting things to work.

Wow! What above and beyond service. I would like to give a great shout out and thank you to Jake, Dave and Chris who went above and beyond to take care of me. What a pleasure for you to have these guys in your employ and what a joy for me to have my problems on your shore. Home town service at its best. Thank you.