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Health care is as important as education

I believe that health care is as important as education. We have public education and need health care for everyone also. Everyone shouldn't expect to get every little thing they want done, but they should be able to have coverage that they can afford so that they will be able to carry on with their life.

People who can afford to have the best health care should have what they can afford, but everyone else should at least be able to have pre-existing conditions covered and also have catastrophic coverage so they won't go broke if care exceeds what they can afford. With public education there wasn't lobbying going on to block this because private money wasn't involved but with health care there is a lot of money at stake because insurance companies and drug companies are in business for a profit. The rich can afford health care premiums and the very poor get everything covered, but the middle class doesn't have this privilege.

I hope President Obama will be able to get some of this passed, but I am afraid that even if he includes some of the legislation that the Republicans desire, they will not vote for it anyway because as Rush Limbaugh stated, "He wants Obama to fail," and this could mean that he and others want the Democrats to fail and not be able to do anything of value until they get into power. Therefore they (the Republicans) appear to walk in lock-step with each other. -- Carol Strache, Frazee